Friendship Grams!

Due to spirit stick popularity we now have

700 Friendship spirit sticks available.

Parents/Family members can send Friendship Grams to children and children can send them to friends! Each gram costs $1 and you can order as many as you'd like. Each gram will contain a To/From card and 1 Friendship Spirit Stick. Friendship Grams will be delivered on May 18th in class.

Grams are on sale from May 7-11th. Late orders will only be accepted until spirit sticks are gone. This is the last gram sale of the school year.

  Spring Fundraiser

The Spring Fundraiser is now underway. We wanted to try something a little different this year. SO we are again partnering with Cherrydale to bring you chocolate bars and pretzel rods that sell for just $1 each. How simple is that? The fundraiser begins March 1st and goes through March 23rd. 

And we are bringing you some exciting incentives. How about some more awesome spirit sticks? Sell 1 box and get 2 spirit sticks. Sell a second box and get 2 more spirit sticks. Sell a third box and get the final spirit stick plus an exclusive invite to a Dance Glow Party!!!

Are you the highest selling student? If you are, you win a Frisbee Gift Basket full of prizes and treats.

Are you a student in the highest selling class? If you are, you will a Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Party.

Do you want your teacher to win a gift basket? You can help that happen just by participating.

BUT that's not enough, is it? No, it's not, because Nelson PTA loves our students! On May 4th during school hours ALL students get to enjoy the wonderful Jeff Evans for a Science Magic Show!!! Check him out at this link -